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Filled with startling ideas and ingenious plot twists, this sf adventure along with its series predecessors belongs in most sf collections. Bandicut and company have fallen out of the frying pan and into the fire in Sunborn, Book 4 of The Chaos Chronicles. This go round they actually have a choice: accept the mission and possibly die or Sunborn, by Jeffrey A Carver, is truly a novel of epic proportions.

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Something malevolent is killing living stars. Fresh from a solving a galactic mystery, a human, John Bandicut, three beings and two Sunborn : Book 4 of The Chaos Chronicles.

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Jeffrey A. Sunborn Jeffrey A. Carver is the author of sixteen SF novels, including the ongoing Chaos Chronicles. More filters. Sort order. Very few books manage to convey a true sense of wonder these days. Everybody is so caught up in characters and plot that we sometimes forget to just sit back and look at the sky.

Or, more specifically, the stars. This book is a rare beast. It manages to juggle story with backdrop very efficiently. In this book space, or the universe, is as vast as you could want it to be. It is also magical and mythical and marvelous. There are mysteries out there! This is the fourth book in a series. I haven't r Very few books manage to convey a true sense of wonder these days. I haven't read the novels preceding Sunborn, and they are apparently out of print so I'll have to trawl the second hand shops.

I would certainly like to read them if they're anything as good as this. Sunborn is a Space Opera with a difference. The cast of characters include some very fascinating beings, ranging from somewhat conventional aliens and, of course, humans, to other life forms that are everything but conventional. The novel depicts what is, in essence, a rescue mission. Stars in a star nursery nebula where suns are 'born' are being destroyed by an unknown force or forces and our protagonists set out to put an end to it. It's good stuff all round, and reminiscent of the best of the old school.

Highly recommended. View 1 comment. Nov 09, Daniel rated it really liked it. In the mid-nineties Jeffrey Carver released the first three books of a planned six book series called "The Chaos Chronicles. Then for more than 10 years no more books. Finally the fourth book, "Sunborn" has arrived. It takes a while to get back into the series, and he realizes that, providing some background reminders without interfering with the present story.

The new plot has Earth facing two threats, one in the Solar System and one light years away. Both involve human characters interacting with an increasingly bizarre array of aliens. The vaguely humanoid aliens and robots are fun characters, but then Carver introduces characters like you've never seen: a hyperdimensional character seen as a cone in our space, thinking clouds from another universe, and most bizarre of all, sentient stars.

It's a great read leading to not one but two climaxes. The story is fully resolved, but the stage is now set for the bigger conflicts to come. Carver combines likable and all-too human characters including some of the aliens with hard science and big adventure. If you read the first three books, you'll want this one. If you haven't, time to get started. Dec 14, Zoffix Znet rated it it was amazing Shelves: awesome-books.

An amazing book! Hyper-dimensional beings and menacing AIs! Faster than light spaceships and spacestations that are larger on the inside and can change shape at will How about stars? Sentient stars! How about flying into the core of a star to talk to it, to save it from dying? A mysterious alien artifact that wants to save the Earth and a group of aliens with a human with a weird mind thing that want to save the galaxy.

All that is tied in an elegant, gripping plot. And it is a r An amazing book! And it is a rare occasion when I actually agree with the blurb on the cover: "The pace never lets up" Mar 18, Anastasia rated it really liked it Shelves: hard-sf. If you like hard SF space opera, this book is like chicken soup.

A group of 4 people humanoid aliens and 2 robots have to solve the mystery of who, how and why is killing stars by exploding them, and stop them, with the help of various interdimentional aliens and n-space force fields. If reading the words "n-space bubble" makes you happy, then this book is for you! I really liked it.

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It's really classical, straight-forward hard SF in space! Jan 04, Vincenzo Bacci rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction. I did not read the previous books of the series - possibly the reason I did not like it - actually I did not finish it. Could not be engaged by the characters. Long descriptions of almost abstract entities felt by telepathy Jun 30, Mustafa rated it did not like it.

Could not get past page 4. An entity that talks to stars in pain? A crack interstellar traveling adventure team? Including a human male from Earth and a female empath from somewhere else, and zzzzzz. Jun 28, Gordon rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction.

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Picked this up by chance. Carver's spectrum of alien life forms is one of the most imaginative I've run across, but otherwise this was a bit of a dud.

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Pretty formulaic. I enjoyed this book Many hero's some died and left, some came back renewed. It is all the twists and turns you never expect that interests me.

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Nov 27, Roger rated it really liked it. The best in the series since the 1st one. Very interesting. About 3. Sep 14, David Erickson rated it it was amazing. Sunborn, by Jeffrey A Carver, is truly a novel of epic proportions. Something malevolent is killing living stars. Fresh from a solving a galactic mystery, a human, John Bandicut, three beings and two robots are enlisted in the fight by Jeeves, a sentient robot, just when they were hoping for a respite.

This is a non-stop ride that takes them to the Starmaker Nebula using a quick transport method called threading space aboard an n-space ship that is more energy than a solid.


There they must first d Sunborn, by Jeffrey A Carver, is truly a novel of epic proportions. From the frying pan into the fire and back again, this intrepid team of human, robots and aliens leaps across vast reaches of space, encountering other beings of immense power and knowledge as they seek answers. The cast of characters is unique and as real as you and I, though with an alien flare.